WT-Kojan’s dedication and commitment to creating a better life for both animals and humans is what drives our passion for what we do.

customized Premium Dog houses customized
WT Kojan builds customized and handmade premium dog houses for customers in Sweden and throughout Europe.
Other Creative Solutions Other Constructions Other Creative Solutions
In addition to our dog houses, we also create innovative structures for dogs and homes. Do you have any ideas? Contact us.
A helping hand Talk Therapy/Counseling A helping hand
In addition to our love for the four-legged companions, we are passionate about people's well-being and mental health, and we offer counseling services.
Events We are sponsors. Events
We sponsor various events and competitions and are the main sponsor of the CSC 2023 (Canine Sports Competition 2023) and the Swedish Championship in Sheepdog Trials.

Do you have any ideas or just want to say hello? Contact us

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