WT Dog House unpainted with tempered energy glass.


Weather and wind-protected entrance
No dangerous doors or openings

Protected placement of the window

Easy to clean

Detailed Information Description

Weather and wind-protected entrance to the living area with a separate entrance for rougher conditions, providing multiple sheltered resting spots in a cozy living area.

The rougher entrance is designed to be more open and airy, without any mechanical doors that could potentially trap and harm the dog.

The placement of the window is strategically protected to minimize excessive heat from the sun.

Gas springs are incorporated to assist in lifting and holding up the roof, allowing for easy access.

The roof can be opened from two different sides, one side at a time.

A rubber seal ensures a tight seal between the living area and the roof opening.

Ventilation is provided for proper airflow.

The construction is insulated without any thermal bridging in the floor, walls, and roof. Additionally, there is a ventilated cold roof that helps to regulate heat and cold.

Living area dimensions:
Width: 76cm Length: 127cm Height: 78cm

External dimensions of the dog house without the deck:
Width: 146cm Length: 184cm Height: 139cm

The deck extends beyond the dog house by:
Width: 13cm Length: 33cm

High-quality roofing felt is used on the roof

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Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 184 × 146 × 139 cm

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